Profit From  Leverage:

Work Less, Make More: There is a distinct difference between employees and entrepreneurs:

Employees: Trade time for money. To make more, you have to work more.

Entrepreneurs: Use leverage to make more and work less. Leverage means you are profiting from the efforts of others. So, whether you are sleeping, working or playing, you are making money. The more leverage you have, the less you have to work and the more you can make.

Without leverage, you will never get rich nor will you ever be financially independent. Leverage is the only way…just ask your employer. Lots of people get angry because they work really hard while their employer is living a jet set lifestyle in a big house, with nice cars always on vacation. Well…that’s the choice the employer made. The person who chooses to take advantage of leverage gets lifestyle, while the person who doesn’t gets to work hard.

There are different types of leverage. The most freeing type of leverage is provided by network marketing (not to be confused with MLM). Its’ entrepreneurs benefiting from other entrepreneurs. So, rather than having dependent employees, you have self-motivated entrepreneurs who are working to build their own business while you financially benefit. It’s brilliant!