Welcome to my Investing Page. Here I will recommend legitimate and reputable platforms that you can choose if you would like to start investing. This page will be frequently updated as I continue to find good investing resources throughout time. Check out my recommendations below.

Public Buy fractions of shares of any publicly traded stocks and ETFS (Exchange-Traded Funds) with this unbelievable powerful app commission free. This is the best way to get started if you can’t buy a whole share of stock or just don’t want to. This App is going to be huge for years to come.This App is available on Google Play or The App Store.

Coinbase Setup your Free Wallet to Store, Receive, Send, Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency.

Robinhood Buy and Sell Stocks for Free with no commission or brokerage fees and earn free stocks. Setup your account 100% Free.

Schwab Buy and Sell Stocks For Free with no commission or brokerage fees.

TD Ameritrade (Send me an email titled “get tda account invite please” with your name and email address in the body of the email.)